Simple Ways To Make Your Corporate Wellness Programs More Social

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There is so much more to life than just our jobs, which is why companies are finding ways to enrich the working experience by prioritizing work-life balance and wellness for their employees. Those efforts are most likely to be successful when organizations are able to get their culture and community-engaged. Doing so reinforces that commitment and gives employees the confidence to take advantage of the benefits offered.

Fostering an engaging health community is not always easy. In fact, engagement tends to be one of the leading reasons corporate wellness programs do not succeed. However, there are several strategies to implement that will create a more engaged and fun experience for employees; the key is to focus on how you are encouraging social behavior as an organization.

Get involved with community wellness events:

Wellness expos, community walks, races, and fundraising events related to cures and awareness are some examples of opportunities a company can get involved within their own city. When companies not only financially support these causes, but encourage employee-involvement through volunteering and participation, a culture of wellness and an appreciation for it begins to grow – not to mention a strengthened relationship with the community at large. Many individuals come away feeling a greater sense of pride about where they work and feel closer to their peers as they accomplish these goals together – especially in the name of a great cause.

Encourage friendly workplace challenges and fitness groups:

What better way to encourage participation and increase motivation than to join your colleagues in wellness initiatives? Offer challenges throughout the year that encourage friendly competition amongst teams and divisions. In addition to this, companies can often work with community recreation departments to get company teams together for different sports. Create incentives for participation in these types of programs by offering flexible hours, tournaments, financial perks, etc. As a result, employees will benefit from team-building with colleagues in a fun atmosphere while also being introduced to other employees throughout the company.

Integrate technology and social media:

It is likely that nearly every one of your employees has a smartphone or tablet that they use on a regular basis. As a company, considering taking a more active role on social media accounts like Instagram or Facebook that is focused on the wellness offerings you provide. Give updates on events, challenges, etc. to increase awareness. If your corporate wellness offerings include social integrations, even better! For example, allow employees to invite each other to workouts or post their workouts on social media to motivate and encourage each other.

Having the support of others around us is something we all desire. That is why the most successful wellness programs involve a social/group aspect to their initiatives. Create an environment of support, connectivity, and encouragement.

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