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We save you money by analyzing, reviewing and comparing insurance products


Our insurance experts offer the best Insurance and Benefit plans for your business

Individual Solutions

We offer a vast array of services dedicated to ensuring the health and well-being of your valued employees.

Property & Casualty

Plan Professionals Inc. works diligently with you every step of the way so you can focus on running your business with the utmost attention to detail.

Executive Benefits

Motivate and reward your top executives by setting up an executive benefits plan that provides the MVPs of your company with long-term financial stability. Foster a work environment based on initiative while attracting and retaining top talent

Employee Benefits

Talent is rare but when you find it, make sure you can keep it. Give your potential hires more incentive to come aboard through a competitive employee benefits plan that will make their decision to work for your company.

Cost Containment

Plan Professionals Inc. constantly works to identify a select group that offers powerful savings and to help identify the best solutions for any self-insured health plan.

Technology & Compliance

We will ensure you don't get sidelined by unforeseen employer obligations. We'll help your people managers stay on track and prioritize documentation.


Stress-free HR & Payroll
Software built to help HR leaders recruit, manage, pay and develop their people. Save Time, Stay Compliant, and Simplify Work Processes.


Our HR and payroll outsourcing solution lets you free up your internal resources by handling over the majority of your back-office complexities, so you can work fearlessly.

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